Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Joys and Wonders of Polymer Clay

I have recently discovered the joys of working with polymer clay.  I had previously tried it a couple of years ago but didn't really know what to do with it.  I think I was trying to use it as I would precious metal clay.  Completely different animals.

Polymer clay is my new favorite medium to work with.  It's pretty simple (at least for what I am doing with it right now), pretty inexpensive and you can make just about ANYTHING you put your mind to.

Dragon sculpted from polymer clay, wow!

There are TONS of free tutorials online on how to make things out of polymer clay.  I did some basic searches on what you could make and when I started to see things I really liked (and thought I could actually do) I started to watch these tutorials and learn some basic techniques.

Basically, to start off, if you can roll a piece of clay into a ball you can start making things out of polymer clay. 

See?  The above balls were shaped into various skunk parts and when assembled looks like this.

This was one of the first tutorials I tried, my skunk looks like this.

Pretty cool, huh?

Anyways, don't be afraid to jump right in and start playing.  Polymer clay is really fun and some really amazing things can be made with it.  I am still in the beginning stages with it but I really like what I am making and look forward to continuing to experiment with this medium.

Some other Black Dog Jewelry polymer clay creations:

Happy Crafting!

Kelly and Rosa