Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The stimulation of the mind and feelings to special
             or unusual activity or creativity.

Inspiration comes in many forms and means many things.  A simple word can invoke intense feelings good or bad.  A beautiful item found in nature can unleash a wave of creativity.  A heartwarming story may find you reaching out to help others.  What inspires you?  

Below are some inspirational words and what they mean to me.

  The emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome
 related to events and circumstances in one's life.

When I see the word Hope I always think of my high school friend Tracy.  She is a breast cancer survivor and hope, to me, means one day we will find a cure.

This word also inspired me to create the above necklace which I sold for Tracy's
 Team Boobilicious fundraiser for breast cancer research.  All monies received for 
these necklaces were donated to her team. 

To have confidence in the truth, the existance or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

I believe.....hmmm, this is a tough one to put into words.  It's more a state of mind for me. 
For some reason, today while walking Rosa (the black dog of Black Dog Jewelry), I was thinking of how a blind man must put all his belief in his seeing eye dog to help him cross the street!

 An intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness, and regard 
towards a person or thing.

Love is a warm puppy (or is that happiness).
  Love is my husband, my son, my dog, my family, my friends, my health, my sense of well get the picture.

Happy Holidays from Black Dog Jewelry!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October: My favorite month!

OCTOBER!  My favorite month of the year!  Of course I am in central New York, there is 90% chance of rain ,the heat is on and part of me is wondering why I'm not back in Florida but I still love October in central New York!
The trees are just starting to change color and gently fall to the ground. 
 Apple season is in full swing.  Crisp days (when not raining) and the crunch of leaves underfoot. 
And the best of all...haunted houses, haunted hayrides and haunted jewelry!  

It is SO much fun to wear and create Halloween jewelry.  Ghosts, bats, zombies, voodoo dolls, crosses, see what I mean?  

From pure silver (to ward off those Vampires) to wired art.  Check out all my "haunted" jewelry at

Looking for something different this year?  Check out Artfire and Etsy for unique decorations, costumes, desserts, or jewelry.  Just about anything you can think of, and a few that you haven't can be found on these websites. 
 Truly amazing and inspiring work!  It's boo-tiful!

Til' next time!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rosa, the black dog of Black Dog Jewelry

I thought I would start out this scary blogging process by sharing the story of the dog
 behind Black Dog Jewelry's name.

Rosa, the black dog of Black Dog Jewelry

Our first "daug"ter was named Winter.  She was a pure bred American Eskimo spitz and the sweetest dog you ever knew.  She left us for doggy heaven in January 2009.  

A year later we were ready to get another dog.  I scoured for hours, reading all the sad stories of all these precious animals needing homes.  We knew we wanted a rescue this time, we just never knew how hard it would be to pick one UNTIL I saw Rosa.  I knew the minute I saw her picture she was ours.  I think I loved her from that minute.  We contacted her foster Mom and got her information and background and it sounded like it was a perfect fit.  The day before we were supposed to meet her and bring her home we got a call that Rosa ate some poison mushrooms and went into a coma, they didn't think she would make it.  Well she did and after another week we finally got to meet her.

Rosa is the sweetest (with a spark of crazy) dog ever.  They say that rescues know they are rescued and I believe them.  Rosa was a stray so we don't have any background info on her but we have seen triggers to some past abuse.  She is an American Eskimo/Schipperke mix, a pure spitz through and through.  The characteristics of these dogs are explained as an excellent watchdog and extremely independent.
Which translates to barks it's head off and won't do what you say!

Well, not Rosa!  She does everything we say and hardly ever barks.  You can see she tries real hard to fit in so she can stay.  Well she's staying with us forever!!  She's very smart but does have a wild streak to her.
So far she has caught a squirrel, a snake and a bird.  All on leash!
The devil dog!

Anyways, Rosa is a Momma's girl and follows me everywhere.  She wants to do what I do and is usually under my desk while I am making my jewelry.  She surfs, goes to doggy daycare, plays with her Daddy, helps create jewelry designs, and even does yoga!

She also got her name from her foster home.  Her foster Mom rescues American Eskimo dogs.  Rosa was the only black dog there and one dog was prejudice and wouldn't look at or acknowledge Rosa.  So they named her after Rosa Parks! 
So that's the story of the black dog of Black Dog Jewelry.  I named my jewelry business after her because every time I see her, hear her name, or anything about a doggy it makes me smile.

I can only hope my jewelry creations will make you smile as well.

Til next time!

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