Friday, October 5, 2012

The Power of Color

Do different colors affect your mood?  Absolutely!
We associate different colors with feelings.

Red - An intense color that stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing as well as appetite.  (You didn't think McDonalds picked the color scheme of red and yellow by chance did you?)  Red is considered an excellent accent color since your eye is drawn there.

Pink  - Considered a very relaxing color, the color of love.

Yellow - Cheerful, an attention getter yet is the most difficult color to take in so should be used sparingly.

Blue - One of the most popular colors, the color of the sky and the ocean.  It has the opposite reaction as red, peaceful and tranquil.

Green - The easiest color on the eye, the color of nature.  It is calming and refreshing.

White - Reflects light and symbolizes innocence and purity.

And that leads us to one of my favorite colors Black.

Black - The color of authority and power.  The color people wear to appear slimmer.  The color of evil.  It's also timeless and stylish and that is the main reason it is used so often in jewelry designs.





 The above jewelry is an example of the talented people of the Polymer Clay Smoosher guild on  These items were all made using polymer clay.  These were the emotions I felt when seeing these items in black.

How do they make you feel?